Three relationships

I opened my email inbox this afternoon to find the Daily JOMO newsletter from Christina Crook. In today’s quest toward a slower, more mindful life, Christina invites us to focus on three important people and to dedicate some time to them. When I first heard of the idea of choosing merely three people toward whom to […]

YES days

“Mommy, tomorrow has to be a YES day, when you are supposed to say ‘Yes’ to everything we want to do.” The sparkle in the eyes of the eldest Wanderlust Junior was undeniable. We were sitting at the kitchen table on Valentine’s Day, having finished eating dinner, when he made the announcement. What Wanderlust Juniors […]


My word for the year 2015 was ‘declutter.’ I worked to minimize clutter – physical, mental and emotional – while making more space for who and what truly matters in my life at this time. I will continue this practice of simplifying, of minimizing noise and clutter in order to maximize my creativity and become […]

Balancing act

“What are the reasons for practising handstand?” the instructor asked on Saturday from the front of the spacious conference room at the Toronto Yoga Conference. Among the many answers provided, two reasons stood out for me: To confront our fear of being upside down. To allow ourselves to grow by meeting and coming closer to overcoming challenges. […]