Let me tell you something about courage

When Mr. Wanderlust and I officially announced to a small number of close friends our intention to relocate from Canada to New Zealand, many expressed admiration at our courage. “I must say,” one friend told us over brunch last December in Toronto, “many people dream and speak of someday moving to and starting a new […]

What season is it, anyway?

Early autumn colours in Muskoka, Ontario We returned to New Zealand a few days ago after a two-week trip to Canada, where Mr. Wanderlust had to travel on business. The Wanderlust Juniors and I joined him, taking the opportunity to visit family. We arrived in Toronto on the Saturday of Labour Day weekend, known in […]

Dharma Wanderlust – The Process

So, you’ve looked at, and maybe even have worn our jewellery and think it’s awesome. Right? What you may not know is how unique each piece truly is, and how much love we put into designing and crafting each and every item. Curious? Allow us to take you on a tour of our home studio […]