Working smarter

I have been contemplating the idea of Yin and Yang in relation not only to yoga and various forms of fitness but also to how we approach the myriad daily tasks on our calendars.

My practice these days, both on and off the mat, is doing Yang (active / busy) things with a Yin (calm and passive) attitude, only putting in the minimal amount of effort required. I once assumed that everything had to be worked to a polished sparkle; today, I intentionally observe and embrace the beautiful imperfections that comprise the many people and things that we love and enjoy.

In an effort to maintain a careful balance amid the ebb and flow of our lives, some days, we inevitably put in additional hours of work, pushing ahead to make progress. Even then, and perhaps especially then, it’s possible to make space for softness, to breathe deeper instead of gritting our teeth. That practice can often feel challenging. We have come to believe that we must always be busy and work harder. Curiously, regardless of the assumed attitude during the completion of the task, the result will often be the same. Yet, a calmer pace benefits us in the long run. Today, I challenge you to work smarter, progressing while staying connected to your breath and moving mindfully. This is a valuable practice both in yoga and off the mat. When we work smarter, we create space for what is most enjoyable and important to us. There is no need to hurry or push ahead.

I am creating space for more summer fun with my family and for gentle re-commitment to my practice. Blog updates may be a bit more sporadic in the next few weeks.

I invite you to take a few minutes to sit quietly and breathe deeply, then write down a few items on your ‘to do’ list and your plan for moving with a Yin attitude as you go about completing those tasks.

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