Lessons from a Facebook photo challenge

I was invited by a friend to take part in a photo challenge on Facebook, the premise of which is to share one nature photograph per day, over a period of seven days. As a general rule, I ignore invitations to participate in challenges and play games on social media, mostly because it is one […]


Oh, Spring! I want to go out and feel you and get inspiration. My old things seem dead. I want fresh contacts, more vital searching. – Emily Carr A few captures from the past week: As we welcome Spring in the northern hemisphere, we are invited to reflect on what, in our personal lives, is […]

Three relationships

I opened my email inbox this afternoon to find the Daily JOMO┬ánewsletter from Christina Crook. In today’s quest toward a slower, more mindful life, Christina invites us to focus on three important people and to dedicate some time to them. When I first heard of the idea of choosing merely three people toward whom to […]

Favourites: March 10th edition

A few simple highlights from the past week: A delightful new knitting project! A great book.   Our current quick-and-easy ‘go to’ dessert: banana and chocolate chip cake. From around the web: Important for HSP to remember. A mindful approach to difficult emotions. Self-care. Environmental responsibility.. More mindfulness. For the yogis. On letting go of […]

Capturing the creative spark

Let’s talk about the spark. No, no, not that spark! I’m referring to the creative ideas that emerge briefly from a field outside our periphery, often at the most inopportune times, sometimes even in the midst of a meeting with the senior management. Mid-sentence, as I type notes for the document that will become the […]

Favourites from around the web: March 3rd edition

So, it is March, the first month of spring in the northern hemisphere. In spite of that fact, in southern Ontario, the cold weather prevails right now, and with it the will to hibernate. I have been craving time to read and craft. January and February were exceptionally busy months for us, and I feel […]