Slow mornings

Sunday morning. A few overripe bananas alone in the centre of a large ornate bowl. Hungry bellies await breakfast. A yawn escapes while the countertop is set with a metal bowl, a whisk, and measuring cups. The bananas are peeled, then mashed. Milk is poured, with juice of half a lemon squeezed to replace buttermilk. […]

A few wardrobe rules

I have narrowed down my wardrobe and counted the pieces: 111 total. That number seems high to me. I console myself with reminders that this number includes outerwear, yoga clothes, dressy and casual pieces. Then I remember that I have not counted the footwear — 14 pieces, including winter boots and house slippers. That number […]

Valentine’s yoga: new video

Some of my readers might remember the YouTube yoga channel on which I used to share videos. For several reasons, I chose to put the channel to rest after two or three years. Over the past weekend, I created a new YouTube home with the intention of sharing short but effective yoga practices with you, […]

Making February a bit brighter

Last week, I overheard an exchange between two colleagues who were complaining about February, referring to it sarcastically as everyone’s favourite month of the year. Many years ago, I might have agreed with them and rolled my eyes at yet another cold winter month, but these days, I refuse to join the pity party. Instead, […]