In search of stillness


In the midst of chaos, may we remember to return to the source, to continue to seek stillness. When the ground beneath our feet feels unstable and an ache pulses in our chests, may we remember to look to Nature for the greater lessons. May we continue to tend to our gardens and hearths, to smile at our children and marvel at the special fleeting moments of grace.

May we find comfort in uncertainty and trust that love will prevail.

I invite you to read and listen to this wonderful, timely poem by Wendell Berry, shared with me by Kristin Espinasse of French-Word-A-Day.
Wishing you peace.

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Brenda Dolha
2 years 24 days ago

Nice… i love the imagery of ‘day-blind stars’, reminding me that they are eternally present. I gaze at night, in awe, at the sky. I am leaving this peaceful country place next week, and will be moving back into a city, where light will obscure the night sky’s beauty. I shall miss this space and time…