How introverts do birthdays

“Your seventh birthday is coming up,” I said about a month ago to the eldest Wanderlust Junior. “Do you want me to plan a party for you?”

“No, I just want to spend the day with you.” Matter-of-fact simple. By ‘you’ he meant me, Mr. Wanderlust, and the youngest Wanderlust Junior.

It was decided. Mr. Wanderlust and I booked a vacation day. We provided the birthday boy with a few options and he chose to spend the day on Toronto’s Centre Island, a first visit for both Wanderlust Juniors.

We enjoyed a perfect day on the island, went on many rides in Centreville (an amusement park in the middle of the island), visited the petting zoo, ate funnel cake topped with ice cream and drizzled with sticky strawberry syrup, and waded in the water by the beach. We returned home happy and exhausted to the joyful exclamations of, “This is the best birthday ever!” emanating from the back seat of the car.


I half jokingly say that my eldest introverted boy was born into the right family, to parents who understand his dislike of special attention, who understand his preference toward spending time with one or two people instead of large groups, and who ‘get’ his desire to celebrate his special day in his favourite way, without the need for noisy parties. The difference is that I didn’t understand until I was in my late 20s that it’s perfectly okay to want to stay at home and read on my birthday instead of going to a club. I want to ensure that my children will continue to feel free to state their preferences without fear of judgment or questioning. I have become a quiet advocate for them.

What is your birthday celebration style? Do you prefer large parties or quiet celebrations? Please leave a comment below. 

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2 years 4 months ago

Great reminder. Thank you!