Scheduling playtime

Last weekend, Mr. Wanderlust and I planned to paint the bedrooms in our home. On Saturday, he painted one of the rooms while I did laundry. We couldn’t bear staying indoors on the first summer-like weekend of the season, and that is why we spent an entire day exploring the city and the beach with […]

Privacy, sharing, and the role of storytelling

Earlier this week, on my Facebook page, I asked for your advice regarding the sharing of personal stories in order to relay a message or impart an important lesson. Thank you for your insights, both in the comments below the post, and in private. This question stemmed from my personal contemplation of my role as […]

Poetry to fuel life

Although I have been leading restorative yoga classes for the past several years, yesterday was my first candlelight restorative class at a relatively new and absolutely charming yoga studio off Main Street Markham. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to guide classes in this space. As I prepared for yesterday’s class, designing the sequence, packing […]

Mothering reflections

Sitting down to write this post, I wanted to draw a connection to Mother’s Day, which in North America we celebrate on the first Sunday in May. Then I paused, and stalled. There are many subjects about which I feel comfortable writing, but motherhood is not one of them. The many treasured stories that my […]