My afternoon as an elf

Note: Today’s post will appeal more to the Daydreamer than to the Mindfulness practitioner, but being the Mindful Daydreamer, I must honour both sides of my personality.

My love of Lord of the Rings reached new heights last Saturday afternoon. My dear friend and photographer Christa Pauwels had invited me to her studio for a fun Audrey Hepburn-style photo shoot. Have I mentioned that I’m crazy about AH? (Hint: Read the last four words of the previous sentence in the singsong voice of AH as she gushes, “I’m crazy about Tiffany’s!”) The mood in the studio quickly turned from 1950s’ glamour to Tolkienesque fantasy soon after I spotted the wig.

It was draped inconspicuously on a hook in the corner of the makeup and dressing room, and my eye rested on the platinum weave as I was changing into one of my favourite dresses – a one-shoulder Grecian-style gown of rich burgundy fabric that drapes beautifully across the body. I asked Christa whether I could try on the blonde hair but she was hesitant about whether it would suit me. I learned that the wig is meant to resemble the hair of a character from Game of Thrones. I have never watched the show, though of course I know of it. I felt drawn to the artificial platinum-blonde hair, so different from my growing brunette pixie haircut. Within minutes, I turned into someone resembling Lady Galadriel, and not only with my appearance.

The idea of small changes as catalysts for grand transformation continues to amuse me and catch me by surprise. Five minutes before, I was in character as AH with a flirtatious sparkle in my eyes, then – poof – I became an elf, thanks to one creative change. Christa, being a remarkably talented artist, captured both characters that I enjoyed portraying. I understand now the appeal of comic cons and cosplay. It had been too long since I last played dress-up, but this was my chance to transform into an immortal queen for a few hours before removing the wig, the dress, and changing into my comfortable leggings and a sweater for the drive home, to the very human task of dinner preparation.


Do you enjoy dressing up as fictional characters for costume parties, comic cons, and other similar events? What has been your favourite costume? Please leave a comment below.

P.S. Christa is currently working on designing her website. If you are in the Toronto area and would like to work with her, contact me via this blog.

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