YES days

“Mommy, tomorrow has to be a YES day, when you are supposed to say ‘Yes’ to everything we want to do.” The sparkle in the eyes of the eldest Wanderlust Junior was undeniable. We were sitting at the kitchen table on Valentine’s Day, having finished eating dinner, when he made the announcement.

What Wanderlust Juniors did not know was that about two years ago, I made a promise to myself to say ‘Yes’ to them more frequently, to greet them with Presence and direct my attention fully toward them. I have been doing this with ease some days, and other days are decidedly¬†not¬†YES days, particularly when my energy is low and I don’t feel well, or when I get caught up in the motions of the ‘to do’ lists and the surface tasks that take my attention farther away from where it’s needed most.

YES days do not only apply to parents and children. I would venture as far as to say that YES days are a necessity for everyone. I take a rest day once per week, a day without technology, when I dedicate my attention fully to myself and my loved ones. Those rest days are also my YES days, and this routine has shown me that I crave those days more and more. I carry the peace and lightheartedness of those days with me into the remainder of the week. When the pace becomes busy, in the background, I can continue to reconnect to my intention. I remember that, at the core, what matters is saying saying ‘Yes’ to more:




Lazy moments

Quiet moments





Our favourite food

Cat naps on the couch by the fireplace

Long walks in nature


Turning the other cheek

Time spent alone

Time spent with loved ones

Tea and coffee

Ignoring the phone

Promises that we intend to keep

Belly laughs

Heart-to-heart conversations



Owning our story

Letting it go

Doing things at this very moment

Deciding that certain tasks can wait until later

Listening to our intuition

Accepting ourselves

Loving our dearest people as they are today

Saying ‘Yes’ to more yoga, especially on days when all we think we want to do is veg on the couch. The couch can always wait, but movement and intentional stillness are at the top of the list.

To what are you saying ‘Yes’ today? Please leave a comment below.

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