Transformation through discomfort

During last week’s business trip, I sought a quiet corner in which to work without distractions in between meetings. Once I found that place in my hotel room, seated at the sleek dark wooden desk in front of a mirror, with an ultra-modern lamp to my left casting a soft glow over my work space, […]

YES days

“Mommy, tomorrow has to be a YES day, when you are supposed to say ‘Yes’ to everything we want to do.” The sparkle in the eyes of the eldest Wanderlust Junior was undeniable. We were sitting at the kitchen table on Valentine’s Day, having finished eating dinner, when he made the announcement. What Wanderlust Juniors […]

Monogamy for book lovers

Although I have often had to switch among many books and other reading material while in school, and the same can be said for my current 9-5 work, when it comes to reading for leisure, I am a monogamist. I realized this only recently, after many years spent pretending to enjoy rotating among several books […]

Vegan Chili for a Chilly February Night

I love playing in the kitchen, cooking intuitively, chopping and tossing a bunch of ingredients into a large pot, then, stirring up some magic by sprinkling in a pinch of pixie dust (shhh, it’s actually salt and pepper, but we won’t divulge that culinary secret). Sometimes, I plan in advance, soak black beans or kidney […]

Honest Yoga

For many years, my main goal in yoga was to achieve perfection in postures. I yearned to try harder, to push myself further, to look magazine-perfect in Urdhva Dhanurasana. These days, each time I step on the mat, I strive for an honest practice that illuminates for me what should be my area of focus. […]