Soulful Nourishment

Several years ago, when Wanderlust Juniors were younger, we attended a playdate at which I met another mom with whom we commiserated about the eating habits of toddlers, seasonal sniffles, night-time coughs, and the resultant lack of sleep. As we continued chatting, she complimented my son on the blue and yellow soft angora sweater he wore, and I responded that I knit it for him.

“How do you find time to knit?”

“Knitting helps keep me a sane mom,” I replied with a smile.

These days, I don’t have much time to dedicate to knitting and other ‘me’ activities that nourish my soul, but if I can carve out just 20 minutes out of my week to soothe my creative aches by keeping my hands busy with needles and yarn or plucking at the strings of my harp, I feel satisfied. It’s not about completing a project but about dedicating a bit of time to it, continuing to move along for the simple reason that it makes me feel fulfilled. The same can be said for parenting. No matter what else is taking place in our lives, we show up every day and make the most of our time, reminding ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves for our children. I continue to remind myself to savour each moment with my family, especially at the end of a long, tiring day at work.

If I could say something more to the mom I met at the playdate, I would tell her that I don’t have advice that I can recommend to others. I don’t believe that any of us are able to offer practical hands-on advice to other mothers and fathers about how to run our household while making time for ourselves. Every parent is different and every child has his or her own unique needs. There are days on which all we can do is hold our babies — of any age — close to our chests while breathing deeply and daydreaming of the possibility of a long nap. Thankfully, there are also days on which we feel energized, joyful, and happy to create something amazing. I love the cliché statement ‘one day at a time.’ I repeat it because it continues to remain true for me. Not only do I try to face one day at a time but also one moment at a time; those moments careen too fast from one type of mood to the next. I remind myself to stay present and open to opportunities to carve out creative time for myself and remain present to my children’s needs while flowing through the motions of the day. Right now, it works for me. What works for you?

How do you make time to nourish your soul amidst the daily flow? Please leave a comment below.

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