It had been a while since I wrote in my journal. I’m not referring to simply writing about what is new and exciting in my life at the given moment but about delving deeper, digging beneath the layers, stripping away the building blocks. The stream-of-consciousness style of writing taught by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s […]

Loving-Kindness for Paris

I read the news last night. I knew it was too late to be in front of the computer, but my family and I had just finished watching a movie and I wanted to check the weekend weather forecast before heading to bed. I read about Paris and my heart tightened. I experienced a similar […]

Saying Goodbye to Meeshu

Meeshu September 15, 2005 – November 7, 2015 This morning, we said goodbye our sweet kitty cat, Meeshu. We used to joke that Meeshu was Mr. Wanderlust’s cat. When ten years ago we adopted our two kittens, two sisters from the same litter who didn’t look anything alike, they each chose one of us as […]

Home Repairs and Adult Moments

Do you have moments when you are reminded of your age? Do you always remain conscious or aware of how old you actually are? Do you ever experience crude reminders of your adulthood? These questions might sound aloof and downright ridiculous, but this is something I think about from time to time, especially now, as […]