Whirlwind October

I woke up this morning feeling inevitably tired and fuzzy-headed. Returning home last night after midnight following a jam-packed 30-hour business trip, I looked forward to climbing into my own bed, next to my partner. I knew we would be joined shortly, at some point in the night, by our youngest child. Perhaps, I thought, […]

Simplifying and Trusting

“I am not stressed out,” I reassured my mom. “But you’re so busy!” she replied, a line of concern starting to form between her eyebrows. “I’m not too busy to make a birthday cake for you,” I smiled back, proceeded to eat my peanut butter granola and drink my breakfast tea, then dashed upstairs, quickly […]

Flying, Part II

Three months ago, I wrote about the indoor skydiving experience Mr. Wanderlust and I shared. During that first flight, I gave in to fear. Yesterday, we had made a commitment to our second flight and I had a chance to practise the guidance I provide to clients in my capacity as a yoga instructor: Soften. […]

Thanksgiving 2015

Today, I am grateful… For one more day added to the weekend. For the sunshine, the warmth, and the vibrant colours that remind me of the beauty of change. For the reminder that this cycle, with its magic and mystery, is as messy as it is delightful. For the signs that careen suddenly, deliberately moving […]

The capsule wardrobe experiment: Autumn 2015

When I first heard of the idea of the capsule wardrobe, approximately two years ago, my curiosity peaked. I know that there are many great reasons to create a capsule wardrobe – namely, to save money; to eliminate the need to decide what to wear in the morning; and of course, to practise better discernment […]

The Dharma Wanderlust creative method

Guest post by Mr. Wanderlust Several years ago, we wrote a post to explain the process behind our wooden creations. Since the recent unveiling of our Sea Turtle Collection, we have been pleased to welcome new clients to our website. In addition to our earlier post, we would like to walk you through the process […]