July Highlights

One of my favourite months of the year is at its conclusion, making way for my birthday month. I think it’s because I was born under the dynamic, dramatic Leo sign that I still get silly-excited about the approach of my birthday. I don’t usually plan any extravagant celebrations, preferring instead to spend the day […]

Memories of Rainy Days

I woke up this morning with Madonna’s ‘Rain’ playing in my head.   It’s 32 degrees in Toronto today. With the humidity in the air, it feels more like 38 degrees. Although I don’t want to complain about the long-awaited summer, at this point, I think it’s fair to say that we need a break […]

Sway, Shake and Wobble

I have been writing about adventure and spontaneity. Lest you think that the adjectives ‘adventurous’ and ‘spontaneous’ can easily be used to describe me on a regular basis, I thought I would offer some perspective on balance. Do we make ourselves too busy? Do we choose busy lives for ourselves? Perhaps, in some cases, that […]

Marriage Lessons from the Past Nine Years

Sixteen years ago, on July 17th, we went on our first date. I was 16; he was 19. By our second date, four days later, it was clear to us both that we were quickly falling for each other as we strolled through a west-end neighbourhood. Seven years later, on July 22nd, we exchanged our […]

Colouring Possibilities

In childhood, I did my best to live by the rules, but I have been known to be bored easily and start to push boundaries. I continue to seek challenges, allowing myself to grow, to think outside the box. I’m learning to colour outside the lines, to bend the rules slightly without trying to hide […]

Befriending Fear

Pawel and I visited iFly near Toronto over the weekend. My sister-in-law kindly gifted the experience of indoor skydiving to us for Pawel’s birthday. We have always wanted to try the activity and now, there was no turning back. Here we are, looking both excited and nervous. It lurks quietly beneath the surface and springs […]

What high standards mean to me

I often say I hold myself to my highest standards. To some, it might sound like I am disciplined in my approach to everything in life. For me, high standards mean living with certain rules, but making intuitive decisions. It means that I’m: Working to move away from rigidity, learning to soften. I create my own […]

A Special Birthday

 A fun outing, complete with a tall ship cruise, in Toronto on Canada Day with our two boys. Six years ago on July 1st, I sat on the sofa, watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice series while working on a cross stitch. The result was a 16” X 8” picture of nine plush animals seated […]