Daring to Love

I have been thinking about connection, that invisible but powerful thread that binds us to the people we don’t see on a regular basis and miss immensely. I have also been thinking of the love that unites us forever with the people who may no longer be in our lives. My paternal grandmother and I […]

Mid-Year Update

Whoosh! Almost six months have flown since the start of 2015. If you’re like me, you might enjoy taking inventory at the start, the end of the year, its midway point, and on your birthday. The past Sunday’s Summer Solstice marks the year’s midway point, so here is a brief update on what we have […]

A Story to Tell

  I saw this picture on The Writer’s Circle page on Facebook yesterday, and chuckled to myself. It fits very well with this week’s blog post, below. Each year, in late December and early January, I take inventory of the challenges I had set for myself 12 months ago and whether I met the challenges. […]

Watching and Weaving

I have always been and believe I will forever remain a people-watcher. This habit has gotten me in trouble in the past. I remember a particular unpleasant situation when a very pretty girl felt offended that I had been ‘staring’ at her. When her friend confronted me about this, I was taken aback and felt […]

The Past is the Heaviest Clutter

I caught myself playing a game my Ego used to enjoy: “I wonder what would happen if I had only…” In my version of this game, I jumped back to various scenarios from my past, wondering how my life would have changed if I had made a different decision than the one I made while […]