Striving for Perfection

I have been contemplating the idea of perfection. I confess that I spent the past 30+ years trying to do everything perfectly, to be perfect, holding myself to the highest standards. I have been doing my best to be positive, to be the perfect mother, the perfect partner. Interestingly, despite my efforts, I continue to stumble, as we all do. The harder I try, and the more rigid the rules which I set for myself, the more challenging it is to get back up and keep moving forward.
The other day, a woman whom I know through social media made a comment about how I seem to have everything ‘together,’ based on what I post on my profile. She was surprised when I mentioned to her that I was going through a rough time with something. Here’s a reminder: Let’s not judge people’s lives by what they post on social media or the way they appear to us in person. Let’s remind ourselves that no one is perfect and neither can our attitude be positive and uplifting at all times. We have perfect days. We have not-so-perfect days when we stumble with every step and wish we had just stayed in bed. Let’s be patient with ourselves and others. Let’s be kind and compassionate toward ourselves and others. It’s a big lesson to learn, but somehow, it feels like a sweeter lesson from a less nagging voice than the one that reminds us to always strive to be perfect. I am not always happy. I am not always positive. But I’m here and I’m doing my best. You are here and are doing your best. We are continuing to learn, and that’s enough.

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