Self-care reminders


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My eyes scan the long lined piece of paper in my left hand. In black ink, I have crossed out the blue items I have already completed. Yet, there are still so many blue words on the page, uncrossed, and not very attractive.

I dislike the word ‘busy.’ I’m not looking to make myself ‘busy.’

I still have much to learn.

I surround myself with reminders.

I’m still learning to slow down, to stop rushing to get it all done.

Simplify the ‘to do’ list.

Focus on one task at a time.

Don’t over-analyze.

Ignore the mess.

Embrace the chaos.


Sleep when you can.

Have faith.

Trust that it will all work out.


This week, I’m reminding myself to keep my mind and heart open to receive delightful surprises, such as this sneaky neighbourhood watcher whom we met during a Sunday afternoon walk.

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