Self-care reminders

Image courtesy of My eyes scan the long lined piece of paper in my left hand. In black ink, I have crossed out the blue items I have already completed. Yet, there are still so many blue words on the page, uncrossed, and not very attractive. I dislike the word ‘busy.’ I’m not looking to make myself ‘busy.’ I still have […]

What meditation is really like.

This is a candid account of how meditation sometimes feels, even after many years of semi-consistent practice. I wrote this piece for a writing course that I took last fall, and it has become a favourite. I wanted to share it with you as a reminder that we all deal with the chattering monkey mind. Whenever […]

A new knitted project. Also: sand and jewellery.

I started knitting a honeycomb stitch cowl neck (the pattern is free over here) in early December, using beautiful three-ply chunky wool yarn in a gorgeous raspberry shade that I purchased from a charming farm-based shop called The Philosopher’s Wool, located in Inverhuron, Ontario. We chanced upon the store while cruising around the countryside during our stay at […]

Project: House Detox

Image: It started with a typical Saturday afternoon, during a weekly house cleaning session. One moment, I was wiping dust off the floor-to-ceiling book shelves in the basement, which serves double duty as a playroom, and the next, I found myself starting to pick up toys with which our children no longer play, putting […]