I am a lifelong learner, yogini, curious explorer, and am eternally grateful for my family: a brilliant husband, two wonderfully spirited boys, and a delightful tabby cat named Tigger.

I hope you will stay awhile to read my stories and possibly choose to subscribe to receive updates directly in your email inbox. So, pour yourself a large mug of something delicious and take a few minutes (or longer, if you can spare the time) to read about my adventures as I savour the finer gifts of a creative life. More specifically, I write about my love of:

Daily Life: I write about marriage and parenting, and various other adventures.
Mindfulness and Yoga: I share with you my insights into fitness, yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and awareness practices. Mindfulness also influences my lifestyle as I continue to work to simplify and discern my life.
DIY and Creativity: I am passionate about knitting, cross stitching, colouring, and making music. I love playing in the kitchen and sharing new recipes.
Words: I am a proud bookworm and am always working to improve my writing skills.
Places: I’m inspired by beautiful landscapes and the forest is my second home; I also enjoy visiting interesting cities. I’m frequently bitten by the wanderlust bug.